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Notre offre de cours

New courses will start on  sepember 16  2019 


"Essentrics", Stretching and muscle building course for ex., DO-IN, Yoga, Pilates.....

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Discover our psychological services as well as all our therapies

This course teaches you to relax, to release stress and tension. You'll gain an insight into what triggers stress and how it affects us, while learnin...

Relaxation Methods

Active relaxation

The Schultz autogenic training method is a therapeutic relaxation technique which seeks to reduce stress and anxiety through self-relaxation.

Relaxation Methods

Autogenic training

This course seeks to improve your knowledge of what happens in our mind and body at night.

Health Promotion

Better sleeping

Biofeedback is a psychological treatment based on demonstrating "body-mind" interactions. During this treatment, the client learns to rebalance the bo...



Clinical hypnosis is a short, solution-focused treatment which uses the client’s own subconscious resources to solve his somatic and/or psychological ...


Clinical hypnosis

Biofeedback is a complementary psychological treatment which helps relieve migraines and tension-related headaches. During this treatment, the client ...


Migraine biofeedback

The purpose of this course is to improve your knowledge of exactly what migraines are, how they develop and why certain migraine prevention or treatme...

Health Promotion

Migraine prevention

Neuro-feedback is a special form of biofeedback which focuses on training your brain activity and seeks to generate electroencephalographical rhythms ...



A psychological consultation can help you to regain control over certain thoughts, emotions and behaviour, to find strategies which will help you to m...

Psychological Consultation

Psychological consultation

Based on behavioural concepts, this course seeks to help you overcome your dependency on cigarettes in a short space of time.

Health Promotion

Stop smoking

Stress reduction based on mindfulness is a form of meditation adapted to our Western needs.

Stress Management

Stress reduction through ACT


Whatever your health problem: excess weight, high blood pressure, difficulty in managing stress or chronic pain, we can propose a tailored programme to help you

Acupuncture makes it possible to treat psychological problems, pain in all its forms, digestive problems, sleeping problems, allergies, gynaecological...

Alternative therapies and massages


This form of yoga should be perfect for you if you're stressed and need to move about to relax and unwind.

Physical activity - NEW


This massage includes postures and exercises aimed at eliminating muscle tension to facilitate the circulation of energy. These exercises are included...

Alternative therapies and massages

Bio-energetic massage

The BREUSS massage is a delicate, energy-enhancing hand massage, which revitalises the spinal column and the intervertebral disks. It brings about an ...

Alternative therapies and massages

Breuss massage

A Yoga that takes care of our body and soul. This kind of Yoga brings our attention back to the sensation of our body, our breathing and our restless...

Physical activity

Calm and Relaxation Yoga

Junk food is becoming ever more prevalent as are so-called ‘diseases of modern society’. The purpose of this course is to help you improve your health...

Dietetics - NEW

Cookery class

A dietician is at your disposal to help you adjust your eating habits to maintain or improve your health. 


Dietary consultation

Endurance sports not only have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system but also on the musculo-skeletal system, the immune system and the hormo...

Physical activity


This form of yoga should be perfect for you if you're stressed and need to move about to relax and unwind.

Physical activity - NEW

ESSENTRICS- Mobility – Strength – Flexibility – Range of Motion

You can practice adequate and effective physical exercise up to an advanced age: this improves individual abilities and reduces risk factors.

Physical activity


A frequently encountered symptom, backache affects most of us at some time. This course designed to strengthen the back muscles is just right for you.

Physical activity


The fitness training programme and exercises are designed to improve the participant’s performance levels while at the same time protecting him/her fr...

Physical activity


Do you want to get moving and do something to improve your health? Perhaps you don't know how to start, prepare or optimise your exercise programme? ...

Physical activity


Meditation helps us relax and enables us to stay calm when faced with the difficulties and joys of day-to-day life.

Alternative therapies and massages


An approach which focuses directly on your eating habits, using new methods based on mindfulness, and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT or Mindfu...


Mindful eating – Manage your weight without dieting

As physical training plays an important role in building and maintaining bone mass and bone quality, this course can have a positive impact on the dev...

Physical activity


The Pilates method involves gentle gymnastics for the body and is comprised of a series of postural exercises and movements.

Physical activity


The goal of fascia training is to strengthen the deep muscle in the abdomen and back while also improving the mobility of your spinal column, hip and ...

Physical activity

Pilates fascia training

Qi Gong is an art dating back several millennia which forms part of traditional Chinese medicine. The exercises used in this discipline were created w...

Physical activity


This method is applied to the soles of the feet, seen as a genuine gateway to the whole body. It stimulates blood circulation.

Alternative therapies and massages


Reiki is practised via the laying of hands and the transmission of energy. Reiki reduces stress and depressive symptoms and helps stimulate the body's...

Alternative therapies and massages


Practised on a floor mat, through the clothing, this massage works through the application of finger pressure along the acupuncture meridians, releasi...

Alternative therapies and massages

Shiatsu massage

This is an energy-boosting and relaxing massage. It is one of the most important external massages in traditional Tibetan medicine, performed with the...

Alternative therapies and massages

Tibetan massage

The name Vini Yoga signifies that the exercises and concepts of the yoga class are always adapted to the participants.

Physical activity


In this yoga class, the concept and structure of Viniyoga is maintained, with particular attention to the possibilities and possible limitations of th...

Physical activity

Vini Yoga for the back

In the same way that all yogic postures prepare the body and spirit for meditation, the yoga courses taught here include a series of basic postures in...

Physical activity


Practiced regularly, yoga exercises can help relieve or eliminate back, head and neck pain caused by stress or muscular tension.

Physical activity


Zumba Gold is a Zumba fitness programme specially adapted for older participants. 

Physical activity