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Tick-borne meningoencephalitis


Tick-borne meningoencephalitis

This infectious disease is not present in Luxembourg but should be discussed when you go on holiday. It is present in Austria, Switzerland, Bavaria and isolated cases have been observed in Alsace and Lorraine. Incubation is highly variable (from 2 to 28 days). Patients suffer from severe influenza syndrome with fever.

After a respite phase, the fever reappears and is associated with muscle pain and severe neurological signs, such as meningitis, encephalitis. There is no cure. Therapeutic management involves only treatment of the symptoms, there is no treatment for the cause.

How are we likely to get infected?

2 sources of risk: infected ticks that transmit the virus by biting and unpasteurized milk.

How to avoid it?

In addition to abstaining from unpasteurized milk, it is useful to remove ticks as soon as possible after biting, avoiding breaking the beak. 

To act preventively if you want to travel to endemic areas, there is a vaccine that protects against the virus. The infection is not transmittable between humans.

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