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Air conditioning: what to do to avoid getting sick?

Air-conditioning discomfort

Air conditioning: what to do to avoid getting sick?

Air conditioning can make life easier in summer but they are not entirely unproblematic. As pleasant as the cool air is on a hot summer day, the discomfort caused by the airflow in an air conditioner can be unpleasant.

Health disadvantages of air conditioning systems

Many people who are regularly exposed to air-conditioned air in the office, and for example, complain of adverse effects: too much draught, too much cold, too dry mucous membranes. As a result, there are more diseases, primarily colds, problems with the bronchi and sinuses and increased susceptibility to infections. 

You can also sometimes hear that air conditioning systems can become even more dangerous if not maintained. Legionnaire's disease, in particular, can lead to severe, potentially fatal pneumonia.

The air conditioning stinks? Cleaning helps.

Microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi live unnoticed in the filters and pipes of air conditioning systems. They multiply and are thrown directly into the air we inhale with the air flow. This moisture is caused, among other things, by condensation when hot air cools down. Air conditioning systems must be professionally serviced at least once a year.

The setting of temperature

The abrupt change between high and too low temperatures stresses the immune system and weakens the immune cells. The sweat suddenly cools down, the dry air additionally irritates the mucous membranes of the upper airways - many types of viruses have an easy game and the stiff neck is not long in coming. In addition, the cardiovascular system is also under strain. To avoid abrupt temperature fluctuations, especially in hot summer days, air conditioners should not be set too cool - the temperature difference between inside and outside should not exceed 6°C

Air conditioners in cars also to be regularly maintained

What applies to offices should also be taken into account in the microcosm of cars: The cabin air filter, through which the air in the air conditioning system is also blown, should be changed once a year to prevent pathogens and pollen from spreading in the car.

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