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Emotional exhaustion syndrome or ‘burn-out’ affects almost 1 in 10 employees in Europe. Two out of 10 employees feel stressed by their work in the Grand Duchy, chronic stress being the main risk factor for burnout. Burn-out is difficult to spot, sometimes wrongly diagnosed or inadequately treated. The PROTEA programme proposes an innovative solution based on the diagnosis and treatment of burn-out without hospitalisation, and with a high level of interaction with the professional environment.


Emotional exhaustion (also known as burn-out) is a serious psychological problem, characterised by its multidimensional nature, for which the symptoms can be emotional (demoralisation for example), behavioural (a lack of sleep for example), mental (a lack of concentration for example) and psychological (fatigue for example).

Emotional exhaustion syndrome is considered to be the result of chronic stress.


Any individuals suffering from overwork or fatigue, whatever their activities, can be at risk.


An in-depth multifactor diagnosis and health check-up
A tailored treatment solution based on scientific recommendations
Out-patient treatment (An outpatient is a patient who is not hospitalized overnight but who visits a hospital, clinic, or associated facility for diagnosis, treatment or medical follow-up.) enabling you to continue working part-time unless a residential course of treatment with a social reintegration phase becomes necessary.
A multidisciplinary team of experts
Our team includes professionals specialising in the fields of psychiatry, internal medicine and occupational health, psychology and psychotherapy, in addition to dietetics and physiotherapy.
Financing solutions adapted to each situation, jointly arranged between employers and insurers.

PROTEA: The French acronym for this programme (Programme therapeutique de l'épuisement emotionnel en ambulatoire) refers to the resilience of the flowering plant of the same name which survives brush fires


The programme

The treatment is provided in individual or group sessions lasting approximately 15 weeks including 4 weekly sessions.

The therapeutic work includes psychological consultations and psychotherapeutic solutions using a cognitive behavioural approach based on mindfulness. Regenerative activities are also proposed, in addition to advice on balanced, high-energy diets.

Who is our programme intended for?

  • Employers and particularly their Human Resources and Occupational Health departments, keen to take care of employees already suffering burn-out or showing the first signs of it.
  • People suffering from burn-out.

Contact us

To make an appointment with the multidisciplinary team, please contact:
The GesondheetsZentrum (office)
Tel: +352-2888-6363

To make an appointment with the psychiatrists external consultants:

  • Dr Gilles Chaillet +352 29 58 73
  • Dr Olivier Gielis +352 26 09 40 97